We are Produvisa, We are Pro Environment

We are committed to a more sustainable world. To a more conscious and responsible consumption

For a more sustainable community

Purpose-driven to do more than just recycle

We are committed to impacting positively our community and taking actions in pro of the environment.

As a sustainable company, our goals go side by side with our team well being, the quality of the products we manufacture, and with generating a positive social impact.

Good Usage

Our manufacturing plant uses natural gas in 95% of its operations, considerably reduces air pollution


Produvisa has electric self-generators to guarantee the continuity of operations that require energy


We maintain an efficient system for industrial waste treatment, to avoid the contamination of our rivers

More Aware

We reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere since we have a highly efficient industrial waste system


We recycle the glass generated in our production process.

Glass is infinitely reusable

We are extremely aware of the benefits that sustainability provides our planet, which is why we have recycling programs in schools and residences within our community, to promote the recycling culture.

An eco-friendly company

Being responsible with the planet and its inhabitants, are actions that determine the work ethics which we have followed for more than 5 decades.

Our company maintains the values ​​of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxide, and Sulfur Dioxide, below what is established in Decree 638 of the Regulations on Air Quality and Control of Atmospheric Pollution in Venezuela. The fact shows the strong commitment and responsibility that we have to avoid the emission of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.